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Coming Soon - Social Dummy Returning as a Website!

After an absence that left users longing for its innovative features, Social Dummy will be back and better than ever! Social Dummy, which was taken down from app stores a couple of years ago, is making a triumphant return later this year, but with a twist—it's coming back as a website!

For those who missed out on the original app or are new to the scene, Social Dummy was a platform that allowed users to create and manage dummy social media profiles for various purposes. Whether it was for testing purposes, comedic endeavours, or simply to maintain anonymity, Social Dummy provided a seamless and user-friendly experience that garnered a dedicated following.

Now, after much anticipation and speculation, we plan to relaunch the platform, this time as a web-based service. This decision comes as a response to changing trends and user preferences, ensuring that Social Dummy remains accessible and convenient for all.

With its return as a website, we promise to eventually retain the majority of the features that made it a fan favourite, including easy profile creation, customisable settings, and a sleek interface. Additionally, users can expect new updates and improvements aimed at delivering an even more dynamic and enjoyable experience.

The relaunch of Social Dummy as a website marks a significant milestone for both the platform and its dedicated user base. From influencers and marketers to casual users looking to explore the digital realm, Social Dummy's return promises to offer something for everyone.

As the countdown begins to the official launch later this year, anticipation is building among both longtime fans and newcomers eager to experience the revamped Social Dummy.

Stay tuned for further updates and get ready to dive back into the world of Social Dummy like never before!

What about all my purchases from the legacy app and Social Dummy Pro?

Similar to Social Dummy Notes, legacy purchases will be merged into Social Dummy Pro and will continue on the website. If you haven't merged from Legacy to Pro you will be offered an extended one-time trial.

  • Existing user / subscribed: it should continue as normal - more details near to website launch

  • Existing user / not subscribed: one-time free trial.

  • New user: one-time free trial.

Further details will be confirmed near to launch.

What about all my data from the Legacy or Notes app?

Similar to Notes, you will be required to merge your data from Legacy to the new database format, that Notes already use, at no cost.

What will happen to the iOS apps?

On or sometime after the website launches, we will remove Social Dummy Notes from the App Store and close access to the legacy app. The website will have modern and up-to-date security to ensure your data is protected correctly and the servers aren't spammed.

Feel free to tweet us questions on X. We will announce more as we get closer to launch.


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