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Cosplay Central v3.0 Update Released

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The next version of Cosplay Central™ has been released on the App Store! If you do come across any bugs please Email or Tweet to help me investigate and fix it.

Release Notes

Welcome to the massive v3.0 update! Lots of fixes and major UI and features added.

COSPLAYS • Now track and plan items for each cosplay. • Add an item, state the price and let the app do the rest. • Calculates total amount of all items, when you mark an item as ‘Paid’ adds up how much you have spent.

SHOWCASE • Brand new feature that allows you to showcase your selected cosplays for an event.

DURATION • Now add MORE than 1 day for a single event. (Max. 3 days per event)

DYNAMIC COLOURS • Cosplay and Event lists are now dynamic to the image you add. Each cell changes the background and text with the image.

NEWS • New refreshed User Interface. • Easily identify which feed is Twitter timeline • No longer refreshes automatically. To refresh, simply pull down to refresh.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS • Now get alerted when new conventions are added to News and/or there is urgent news about Cosplay Central.

OTHER CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS • Expenses – Values have been expanded to give better details to what you spend on e.g.Photo/Autographs • Updated TabBar to match theme of app • Search for an image form Flickr • The tab bar now badges how many cosplays and events you have. (opt.) • Rearrangement – Cosplays is now the first screen loaded and News is now moved to left of ‘Settings’ • Want a convention added to News? Now just tap the button to send a tweet. • Optimised to iOS 10. • Bug fixes and improvements


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