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Introducing SyncKing the Online Second Screen Companion App

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Host your own second-screen experience filled with your own widgets.

SyncKing is especially useful for live streams — be more engaging with your viewers to improve your channel interactivity. Not only that but is useful for local play whether you are at a pub, at home playing a quiz with your friends... The options are limitless on how you can use SyncKing.

Enable widgets to your liking. Show images, put up a scoreboard, share statuses, send your audience notifications and many other features in real-time.

A valid connection to WiFi or Cellular is required to work for both the ‘Host’ and the ‘Viewer’. Just enter the unique code 4-digit code to connect to the correct host.

To host a second screen you do require installing SyncKing on iOS.

However, for other platforms, I have created where you can too participate also by entering the session code, given to you by the host of the session, and join in on the fun.

If you’ve used the app please give a rating on the App Store or any feedback you have email


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