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Coming Soon to Android

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

In an effort to bring our apps and services to more people, we are excited to announce that we will be slowly developing Android variants of our iOS apps. We understand your frustration over the years that we have been iOS-focused, but now is the time to slowly bring our services to Android. Of course, all current and future iOS projects will still be updated and maintained.

Not all of our iOS apps will come to Android, but we can confirm that QuiffCo, Sea-Doo UK and all iTalk apps are currently in development, first with QuiffCo. New and upcoming apps will eventually come to Android, but more details about those will be announced in the future.

When the apps do come to Android, not all features may be available at the initial launch, but the apps will be built over time. For example, QuiffCo, only the soundboard will be available for initial release for you to have fun and play around with. We will be adding social posts from the crew members similar to iOS in a future update.

We've been hard developing QuiffCo from scratch for Android, and the first phase is almost complete.

You can pre-register for QuiffCo today and have it auto-install on your devices when it releases.


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