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Introducing TribuCode

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

TribuCode is a brand new service coming soon which helps you create and manage memorials of your loved ones. Write up their story and upload photos then generate a unique QR Code that anyone can scan to view in-app or on the website.

Memorial Privacy

The owner controls who has access to each memorial which can be changed at any time:

  • Public - Anyone can view the memorial by scanning the QR Code or entering the ID manually in-app or on the website.

  • Scan Only - The memorial can only be viewed by scanning the QR Code. Can not be viewed on the website.

  • Admins Only - Only invited admins can view the memorial. Not viewable on the website (currently).

Additional Admins

You are able to invite additional admins to each of your memorials with a link so that they too can help maintain the memorial and also Approve or Decline incoming public contributions.

Receive Push Notifications

Enable notifications in the app to be notified when someone submits a tribute to your memorial and then you and other Admins decide whether to Approve or Decline the submitted tribute.

No Tracking or User Analytics

Privacy is very important which is why TribuCode does not use analytics to track your movement around the app, screen time etc. There is an anonymous visitor counter so the Admins of a memorial can see how many times their memorial has been viewed - a basic visit counter. There is error tracking to aid and assist when or if the app crashes to help fix them. But that is all.


TribuCode has been in development since early February 2021 and the app and service are almost complete, however, additional time is still needed to test and fix bugs and crashes. In the meantime, you can visit the App Store and pre-order the app now so that once it is ready for launch it will be downloaded straight onto your device ready for you.

Beta Testing

There is currently no beta testing planned for pre-release. But if you are interested, please email us or tweet @TribuCodeApp on Twitter.


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