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Introducing Social Dummy Stories

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Thousands of people from around the world use Social Dummy to create incredible stories. We take so much pride in all our vibrant and creative users.

First, I'd like to thank everyone for being so patient whilst I try to completely rework Social Dummy. All continued support is hugely appreciated and always strives to keep the service going.

We’re excited to announce the next generation and the return of Social Dummy in 2023.

Say hello to Social Dummy Stories

Social Dummy Stories (SDS) is the new iteration of the legacy app, Social Dummy, that unfortunately was removed from the App Store in July 2021. This new iteration learns and excels beyond it focusing on allowing everyone to create incredible stories more easily and then see them come alive rather than just on a blank page.

Complete redesign and rebuild

The app has been completely rebuilt from scratch. The whole main concept of Social Dummy had to change in order for it to comply with the latest App Store Guidelines. Unfortunately, that meant that account timelines had to be removed but hope to slowly try bring it back in a way that would still make the app compliant with the guidelines post-launch.

Progressive development

To bring Social Dummy back as soon as possible to the App Store from complete scratch, not all accounts that are in the legacy app will be available from launch. After launch development will continue to gradually try and bring back reworked accounts that were in the legacy app into the new iteration. This will take time, please bear with us.

We can not guarantee that all the accounts will return but will be trying our best to bring as many as we can.

Get organised with folders

It was a highly requested feature in the legacy app to organise users and stories into folders. Well, Social Dummy Stories UI was built with that in mind so you will be able to do just that. In addition, even be able to filter and order all your characters and stories to your liking.

Welcoming Social Dummy Pro

Most notably, Social Dummy is moving to a subscription model; named Social Dummy Pro (SDP). This pricing model will keep the service more sustainable and rather than paying for individual elements, everything is bundled into one package so you get everything for one price. Pro will enable us to provide a high-quality experience for our users going forward and bring features that were originally planned for the legacy app.

(Final costing will be confirmed nearer to its launch. Anything you see prior to launch is subject to change.)

Existing Customers

At this time, if you have purchased Unlimited Comments & iMessages, Unlimited Direct Messages and Unlimited Posts from the legacy app you will qualify to get Social Dummy Pro FREE for the first 6 months after then move to the monthly subscription.

(Required conditions and subscription duration subject to change)

Will I have to register again?

No. In Social Dummy Stories, you log in with your Social Dummy details. It uses the same backend.

Will I lose all my data from the legacy app?

No. You will be prompted to migrate all your data from the legacy app to the new app.

At this current time, we will only migrate the data that is needed/supported. Timelines you created in the legacy app will not be migratable until support has been added into the new app. Migration is optional.

When you migrate your data to Social Dummy Stories post-launch, the data will be deleted from the legacy app.

After it launches, what happens to the legacy app?

After a considerable amount of time post-launch of Social Dummy Stories, the legacy app will eventually shut down and all data will be deleted. You will be given plenty of notice when this is planned and it is your responsibility to migrate your data from the legacy app to Social Dummy Stories.

What about an Android version?

Initially, it will only launch on iOS. However if launch goes as planned and there aren't any critial issues, I may start to look into an Android version.

Will there be Beta testing?

Yes. As is with previous major releases, it will start with a small closed number of users and then gradually expand to open testing. If you'd like to get involved and help with testing, please stand by for more info soon in the coming months on @ARSocialDummy's Twitter.

What iOS will it support?

For easier navigation and to use the latest technologies, Social Dummy Stories will support iOS 15 or later.

When will Social Dummy Stories be released?

You can pre-order Social Dummy Stories today. Once pre-ordered it will automatically be installed on your device soon as it releases.


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