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Social Dummy: Version 5.1.8 Released

A new version of Social Dummy (v5.1.8) has been released on the App Store. Please install this version for the newest features and latest bug fixes.

Release Notes

• Added a workaround for the ‘Error’ message. Some of your images may not show correctly. To fix this please reupload the image or avatar. • Upgraded swiping cells and now simply just show icons rather than text. • Improved library item selection. This fixes where sometimes the “+” button would not appear. • Fixed picker sizing and unable to select another option. • You can now edit the selected user from within the account profile screen for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. • Dms — Fixed names not hiding above images. • Instagram — Improved UI ª Instagram — Fixed ‘Override Comments’ not working correctly. • Instagram Comments — Fixed large spaces sometimes appearing for some users. • Instagram DM — Fixed ‘Seen’ text not showing and sometimes UI was distorted.


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