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TribuCode Has Launched

After about a year and a half of development, TribuCode has finally launched and is now available on the App Store.

What is TribuCode?

TribuCode is a brand new subscription-based service that allows you to create and manage your loved ones' memorials. It allows you to continue their legacy, read more about the person and leave tributes.

The owner has full control of memorials and can allow anyone to submit tributes which they then approve or decline as to whether it should be shown or not.

How much is it going to cost?

We want to make it as affordable as possible to cover server costs and development time.

At this current time, to publish one memorial is £1.99 /month or £18.49 /year. To publish up to four memorials it is £5.99 /month or £42.99 /year. All annual plans include the first month for FREE. If you require more memorials to publish, we plan to bring further plans in the future. Please get in contact.

Memorial Privacy

The owner controls who has access to each memorial which can be changed at any time:

  • Public - Anyone can view the memorial by scanning the QR Code or entering the ID manually in-app or on the website.

  • Scan Only - The memorial can only be viewed by scanning the QR Code. Can not be viewed on the website.

  • Admins Only - Only invited admins can view the memorial. Not viewable on the website (currently).

Additional Admins

You are able to invite additional admins to each of your memorials with a link so that they too can help maintain the memorial and also approve or decline incoming public contributions.

Receive Push Notifications

Enable notifications in the app to be notified when someone submits a tribute to your memorial and then you and other Admins decide whether to Approve or Decline the submitted tribute.

No Tracking or Usage Analytics

Privacy is very important which is why TribuCode does not use analytics to track your movement around the app, screen time or anything. There is an anonymous visitor counter so the Admins of a memorial can see how many times their memorial has been viewed - a basic visit counter. There is crashing data that does not contain any user data but is used to aid how or if the app crashes to fix them. That is all.


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