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Introducing Cosplay Central – Organise Your Cosplays, Conventions and Events!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022


Cosplay Central™ is a brand new app that targets cosplayers across the globe.

With this simple app you can add Events like Conventions that your either planning or going to.

Screenshot 2015-06-27 01.09.11


Create a list of Events noting whether your Going/Maybe or Not Going, what date its on, location and what Cosplay your’ll be wearing.

You can even add the event to your iOS Calendar or even share it to your social media accounts.


You can organise your current and future cosplays noting whether their Planned/In Progress or Completed and once you have a nice collection of cosplays you can assign a cosplay to each event so you know who your’ll be cosplaying as that day.


You can input the total amount spent on Event/Accommodation and Travel then the app will calculate the grand total of each Event and even give you the total of all put together so you know how much your’ve spent or will be spending. (Only takes effect if an event is set to “Going” status)


I still have so much planned for future updates to give you even more control over your Events and Cosplays.

Follow @ARCosplayCent for latest news and announcements about the app!

Cosplay Central™ is universal (iPhone and iPad) and will be FREE for the FIRST WEEK of its release then increase to £0.79!

Cosplay Central™ is NOT released, although this has already been submitted to the App Store!


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