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The G.O.A.T: Releases On November 5th!

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

G.O.A.T will be available to download for FREE on November 5th 2015!

App Description

Inspired by the game Fallout® 3 (created by Bethesda® Game Studios). This game takes you through the Generalised Occupational Aptitude Test (G.O.A.T.) which is a Vault-Tec occupational assessment test that every resident inside the Vault is required to take at the age of 16.

There are 15 different occupations:

  1. Clinical Test Subject

  2. Fry Cook

  3. Jukebox Technician

  4. Laundry Cannon Operator

  5. Little League Coach

  6. Marriage Counselor

  7. Masseuse

  8. Pedicurist

  9. Pip-Boy Programmer

  10. Shift Supervisor

  11. Tattoo Artist

  12. Vault Chaplin

  13. Vault Loyalty

  14. Waste Management

  15. The Overseer

Choose wisely to get all 14 outcomes to become the Overseer!


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